Nowadays, it’s impossible to avoid looking at screens for a significant portion of your day. Whether it’s your office computer, television, or the smartphone you carry around in your pocket, you are taking in blue light from just about every kind of screen. There isn’t hard scientific evidence that blue light is harmful to the eye. However, countless user testimonials state that blue light glasses have helped them sleep better at night and reduced their migraines and eye fatigue. 

Not all blue light blocking glasses are created equal, and not all of them serve the same purpose. Some blue light glasses are best for gaming, some are best for indoor and outdoor use, and others offer the best style for the workplace. If you are looking for the right kind of blue light glasses for your needs, the following is a list of the best brands across a variety of categories. 

Best Style: Warby Parker Gilmore

If you want to look your best in the office or during Zoom meetings, Warby Parker’s vast selection of stylish frames may be right for you. It can be tough to order the best-looking pair without trying them on in person. That’s why Warby Parker offers their Try On Box for online users. The Try On Box lets you order up to five different frames so you can try them on at home before making your final purchase. They’ll even include a pre-paid return label so you can send the frames back free of charge. 


  • Scratch-resistant lenses
  • Free shipping and returns
  • 100% UVA/UVB protection


  • Expensive

Frame Material: hand-polished cellulose acetate and akulon-coated screws

Blue Light Absorption: Not available

Lens Color: Clear

Best Blue Light Blocker: Dr. S Eyewear Square Blue Light Filtering Glasses


  • Up to 90% blue light elimination
  • Affordable 
  • Designed by an eye doctor


  • Limited style options

Dr. S Eyewear blue light glasses don’t come in clear lens options. However, they have proven to be one of the most effective brands in eliminating blue light. Other popular brands eliminate 50% of incoming blue light, while Dr. S Eyewear can eliminate up to 99%. If you don’t care too much about style options and just want the most blue light eliminated, Dr. S’s eyewear is a great choice. 

Frame Material: Acetate frames with a modern matte finish

Blue Light Absorption: Up to 99%

Lens Color: Orange

Best for Various Blue Light Protection Options: Ocusheild Anti Blue Light Glasses for Men & Women


  • Medically rated
  • 95%+ clarity
  • Blue light eliminating screen protectors for laptops and phones 


  • Screen protectors optimized only for Apple and Samsung products

Occusheild provides high-quality blue light glasses with 95%+ clarity, so there’s no distorted vision like with other cheaper brands. While they certainly have great blue light glasses, the most appealing aspect about the Ocusheild brand is the blue light screen protectors they provide for various devices. With Ocusheild, you can get screen protectors for your laptop and phone screens that eliminate blue light without you ever having to put on a pair of glasses. 

Frame Material: Not specified 

Blue Light Absorption: Up to 54%

Lens Color: Clear

Best Quality: Felix Gray Tole Glasses


  • Professional and stylish options
  • Eliminates 50% blue light
  • Anti-glare
  • Clear senses 


  • Expensive

Felix Gray blue light glasses come in a variety of styles, so you can pick the perfect model and color to match how you like to look. These glasses combine both style and high quality. With Felix Gray, you can use clear lenses and still enjoy 100% UVA/UVB blocking and 50% blue light elimination. Unlike cheaper options with orange-tinted lenses, Felix Gray’s clear lens options are indistinguishable from traditional glasses. 

Frame Material: Hand-finished organic acetate

Blue Light Absorption: Up to 50%

Lens Color: Clear

Best for Gamers: Gamer Advantage Augment Glasses


  • Blue light blocking clear lens patent
  • Blocks peak intensity 445 nm lightwave
  • No color distortion
  • Anti-glare and anti-reflective


  • Limited frame selection

If you are into gaming, you’ve probably seen tons of eSports players wearing blue light gaming glasses, which are easy to identify because of the heavy orange tint. While Gamer Advantage glasses are some of the best gaming glasses, they don’t have that same strong orange tint because of their patented clear lens design. What’s great about these lenses is that they block out the blue light without distorting the color. That means you can play video games and see the colors of the characters and scenery exactly how the game developer intended.

Frame Material: Lightweight and ultra-flexible Morph-Flex

Blue Light Absorption: 41%

Lens Color: Clear

Best Relieving Eye Strain: Gunnar Berkeley Glasses


  • .2 diopter magnification
  • Eye strain relief
  • 65% blue light blocking rate


  • All lenses have a slight tint

Gunnar blue light glasses were originally intended for gamers, but they have expanded their lenses and frames for everyday screen users and prescription glasses wearers. Gunnar glasses are unique because they have .2 diopters of power added into all of their lenses. This means that all of their glasses have a slight bit of magnification. With just a little bit of magnification, your eyes will strain far less to read the fine print on your computer screen. 

Frame Material: Durable nylon frame

Blue Light Absorption: Up to 98%

Lens Color: Amber of clear

Best for Classic Style: Rayban Everglass Wayfarer


  • Clear lenses
  • Prescription blue light glasses
  • 100% UV protection
  • Reduced eye strain


  • Expensive

The new Rayban Everglass selection now features iconic styles like the Original Wayfarer. If you don’t want to get headaches or eye fatigue, but also don’t want to look like a desk jockey or gamer, the classic style of Rayban’s blue light glasses may be for you. 

Frame Material: Nylon

Blue Light Absorption: 20%

Lens Color: Clear

Best for Style on a Budget: MVMT Everscroll Blue Light Glasses


  • Anti-smudge lens
  • Durable
  • 100% UV protection
  • Affordable


  • Hard to find customer reviews

MVMT began in 2013 with the goal of producing high-quality watches at an affordable price. Since then, they have expanded into jewelry, sunglasses, and blue light glasses. MVMT is great because they offer a similar casual style that comes with well-known brands, like Raybans, but at an affordable price. 

Frame Material: Custom hand made cellulose acetate and stainless steel

Blue Light Absorption: 90%

Lens Color: Clear

Best Female Style Options: Quay Hardwire Blue Light 


  • Affordable
  • Multiple style options
  • Clear lenses
  • Blocks UVA and UVB 100%


  • Low-quality injection-mold frame

Quay blue light glasses are fantastic for women looking for a stylish and trendsetting look. This glasses brand does offer some men’s styles, but they are limited. It’s unclear what percent of blue light is blocked by Quay’s glasses. However, you will be 100% protected from UVB and UVB light. 

Frame Materials: Injection-molded frames

Blue Light Absorption: Not specified 

Lens Color: Clear 

Our Top pick 

Warby Parker’s Gilmore blue light blocking glasses are our favorite selection from this list. While Felix Gray’s Tole glasses are certainly a top contender, Warby Parker offers a similar style and quality while optimizing online purchases. With Warby Parker’s Try On Box, you can ensure you purchase the perfect blue light blocking glasses that match your face shape and style. 

Blue Light Blocking Glasses Buyers Guide 

100% UV Protection

If you are in the market for blue light glasses to relieve headaches, you might as well protect your eyes at the same time. UV protection for your eyes is just as important as it is for your skin. So, keep an eye out for blue light glasses that offer 100% UV protection.


When you are using screens, whether at the office, playing video games, or looking at your phone, they need to be comfortable. Blue light glasses are meant to remove headaches, and you don’t need to deal with the headache of overly tight or loose glasses. 

You know your glasses fit properly when they don’t fall off your face, but at the same time, don’t feel like they are pressing into the sides of your head or into your nose. 

Prescription compatible

If you prefer wearing prescription glasses instead of contacts, you’ll want to make sure the brand of blue light glasses you are purchasing can fill your glasses prescription. Even if you aren’t nearsighted, you don’t want to carry around two different pairs of glasses wherever you go, one for screens and the other for daily life. 

For prescription blue light glasses, be sure to purchase a pair that has clear lenses and low levels of distortion. Some blue-light glasses can distort your field of vision, which is highly annoying if you plan to use them as your standard set of glasses. 

Anti-Reflective Coating

Anti-reflective or anti-glare coating is a good thing to look for, especially with blue light glasses. If your glasses have glare and reflect light back into your eyes, this can also cause headaches. So, your blue light glasses that were supposed to be a headache solution could, in turn, cause headaches without an anti-glare coating on your lenses. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can blue light glasses be worn outside?

Even though blue light blocking glasses are meant to protect your eyes from screens, they can most definitely be worn outside. That’s why you should buy a pair with 100% UV protection, so you’re protected from both screens and the sun. 

Can my prescription glasses block blue light?

Your glasses most likely do not block out blue light. For your prescription glasses to block blue light, they will need special properties built into the lenses. 

How do blue light glasses work?

Blue light glasses are either made with a tinted coating or have blue light filtering pigment infused into the glasses. If you examine the wavelength of visible light, blue light sits around 400-500 nm. So, blue light glasses, with their coating or filtering pigment, are designed to partially or wholly block out this range of light while allowing other visible light to shine through.